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Unless you have been living under a rock for the last five years you know this is the year the world will end according to the Mayan calendar.
December 21, 2012 is the doomsday. Some says it is the wrong date, which is plausible, converting a centuries old calender to our modern Gregorian calender. Not that this really matters, it has been proven over and over that it is just the end of an era.
There were plenty of doomsday prophets saying the world would go under entering the new millennium even though no one actually took it serious and January 1, 2000 came and passed without world ending catastrophes.

Now, the Mayan calendar is a complex formula, even trying to explain it simple is difficult;
Tzolkin a 260 days count is combined with a Haab, vaguely a solar year 365 days . Combined these counts make a Calendar round of 52 Haabs.
Inside these round there are shorter rounds, similar to our weeks, the Trecena of 13 days and the Veintena a 20 days round.
With a mortality age well below 52 during the time the calendar was set up one specific day would only appear once in a lifetime and a certain day or event would be easy to set in time. For longer periods of time the Mayan used the Long count. And the Long count is what ends this year.
Here is a site with a pretty good attempt for an easy explanation, The Maya calendar.


So what will happen December 21? The Long count will only start over.
Well, may a dooms day believer say, wouldn’t the new count have another name and thus continue and not start over?
Maybe, but the ancient Mayans didn’t have computers and if it was me drawing up the calendar I would call it a day, “I have calculated 40 Haabs, let someone else continue.”

The Calendar round is still in use in many Mayan communities in Guatemalas highland, has anyone asked them what is going to happen? When the Mayans start hiding in caves or mass migrate then I may see a reason for concerns.

Despite scientific proofs and logical arguments we will see a bunch of cults showing their ugly faces the coming year.
We will hear that aliens are coming to bring us home, the moon will crash down on earth, Elvis Presley and Tupac will raise from their graves and sadly we will most likely see some suicide pacts. Everything a convincing speaker can fool weak and gullible people with.

With that said, 2012 is not all bad, the Mayan “dooms day” will be good for Mexico and the rest of the Mayan world. Mexico tourism board expect 52 millions visitor to the Yucatan peninsula and surroundings alone. All of Mexico usually have 22 millions visitor in a year.
I have no numbers for the rest of Central America, but I would think the whole area will have a huge increase of visitors this year.



Read more about the Yucatan peninsula

Personally I don’t know what to do or where to be, I have a girlfriend with family in Tabasco. Say there were some truth in this, should I have the front seat or stay as far away as possible?

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