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Sleepless in the air somewhere over north-east USA and reflecting over my last three weeks in Mexico.
Coming home always leave me with an empty feeling, like I am not really belong. I expect a couple of days with insomnia and a weeks depression when back in Sweden.

Beside of the never before heard of security strike on Copenhagen Airport flying out, forcing me to run through two airports to catch flights, this has been one of the less adventures trips. No was there any big adventures planned.

The main reason for this trip to Mexico was to celebrate the birthday of Miss Z’s mom and I was in desperate need of rest after the last year at work.

Of course there were adventures I will tell you about, other things that were planned never happened and some intended tasks did not go as planned – this is Mexico. And, as always, some things happened I can never tell you about – unless you get me drunk. Or maybe when the statute of limitations has passed.

One of the planned things not done was to introduce the infamous Swedish Surströmming, fermented herring, to Mexico. It was planned for my last evening (I did not want to stay around too long for the complaints after), but it was rained in – trust me you do not want to eat this dish inhouse – maybe it was a sign from an ancient Aztec rain god.
I left the can as a nice surprise for who ever dare to open it. Maybe it is still there next year and we give it another go, after one extra year’s fermentation the herring is just right and the can has got a nice round ball shape.
Anyway Surströmming should not be consumed without Swedish supervision, otherwise it can go like this;

So what did I do?

  • I had plenty of tasty food and beverage.
  • As always I visited some cafés in search of the perfect coffee. Old favorites together with some new hopes. To my disappointment none of my old friends I showed how to make the perfect Latte last year have taken Latte a la Sueco to the menu, on the contrary The Coffee Bar have managed to mess up the Latte even more. I did however find a café serving a damn good coffee we will talk about in a later post.
  • Talking about coffee I have finally discovered the mystery about the bad, tasteless, coffee served in Mexico – When you read it you will see it so clear, it really was a ‘duh’ moment.
  • I spent a week in the tropics doing some digging with vultures hovering over my head. We will look into this a little more later too.
  • I had my premier tour with Mexico City subway. Not at all what I expected, it was a quite decent ride.

It has been a nice relaxing stay, just reload and regroup before the Swedish winter

With the rush and running in the beginning of this trip I hoped to be on time at the airport, early check-in for a good seat and no stress. Unfortunately the traffic did not work with me.
The traffic in Mexico City must be experienced to be understood, if you never been here there is no word to describe it.

Well checked in and at the gate I thought I was going to have a little flow and tried on the fast track boarding. Smoothly I gave passport, boarding pass and a 100 pesos bill to the boarding assistant – Apparently I met the one Mexican that was not bribable, I was sent back to the economy class boarding line. With a whisper, ‘ my supervisor is here’.

A friend compared the song The Final Countdown by Europe – a Swedish rock band having there golden days back in the 80’s – with Mariachi. An interesting comparison, but listening to the intro I can only agree, it is a little Mariachi trumpets going on.

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