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Early morning in Sweden the day after I came home from Mexico. Miss Z, who came back with me, is still sleeping but I am up. I don’t know if it is the jet-lag or my need to get thoughts and impressions printed down waking me up.

Mexico is always good to me, but this trip is probably the most safe and predictable trip I have been on. Partly because I have been in Mexico quite a few times the last years and partly due to a collision between the Mexican hospitality I love so much and my adventurous spirit.
While Miss Z wants to show the best of Mexico and visit popular tourist spots I want to explore and discover, go where no visitor has gone before.
I want to show you a different Mexico, the country I love and not the one you see and hear about. I want to go below the surface and show you the people.

However, the trip was not without encounters and funny, strange, different events. This is after all Mexico.


Starting at the airport on Mexico City. The Mexican border patrol was a little confused over my Swedish style beans packed in a plastic tube. In the x-ray it did look suspicious and I was moved aside for a manual inspection which did not make it better.
Holding and inspecting my 40 cm plastic tube with brown beans the patrol woman did not know what to think. On my stumbling Spanish I tried to explain it was just frijoles, after 5 minutes of squeezing and close inspection she went on searching my bag, looking for more food. Finding and smelling my Swedish, non-smoke, tobacco “snus” she quickly closed my bag and let me pass.
As a side not, on my departure I was also subject for a manual inspection, I think they have a photo of me with strong red text, “check this man”. I wouldn’t blame them, who really bring beans to Mexico?


Photo: Dan Freed

We did some trips, among other we visited Hidalgo and the state capital Pachuca with surroundings.
This trip really showed the diversity in Mexico, in the south it is green rainforest that never ends while here, going north, it is a drought, rivers and brooks were dried out or just some very small streamlets. Somehow they still manage to grow corns.
Mexicans always seem to find a way.


Photo: Dan Freed

I have tasted a lot of coffee. Given up the mission to find a prefect Latte in Mexico, I have look for some nice cafés. Found a couple of good places, the coffee itself span from bad to good but the places have atmosphere, just as important as the coffee itself. I will write a reviews of them later.

Of course I have eaten a lot of Mexican food.
I love my coffee and I love my spicy chilaquiles, but add on the Mexican sun they do not always agree with me. I do sincerely apologize to the persons sitting on 34 F and 34 G on flight BA 242 to London May 30.

With closer to 2000 photos to go through more posts will be found in the coming days and weeks.

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