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Coffee is more than just taste – it’s an experience

The capital of Estade de Mexico, Toluca, is mostly known for being an industrial city.
Toluca is much more than so, there is the botanic garden, Cosmovitral, with it’s famous stained glass windows, maybe The Portales and not to forget chorizo verde, the green chorizo. But not enough to draw any herds of tourists.

Still there is more to see and do if you give it a chance. Whether you are here in business or as tourist and of course if you live here and you need to reload with a cup of coffee this is were to go;


The Coffee Bar
Ignacio Allende #200
Col. Altamirano
“Plaza Frezno”

• Coffee and tea hot and cold
• Also in Mexico City

The Coffee Bar. We found it by chance one evening looking for a coffee and a sandwich. I instantly treasured the interior. This is a place for creativity, to let your imagination and thoughts run amok. Colors and small detail everywhere. The longer you stay the more you see.
At first glance it can be overwhelming and look messy. But stay around and you will notice everything is placed with much thought and it all goes together.

From the chandeliers to the pink bathroom there has been much consideration with the interior. Nothing is done by accident.
You could even think the house across the street is part of the interior. A residential house in an area that seems to mostly have storage buildings and small businesses. Who lives there? Why? Does anyone live there?

The walls are covered with pictures and boards to lure your brain start working and soon your fantasy will fill the empty frames and mirrors spread out in the establishment.

Not to forget, this is first and foremost a café and we should do what we came for, have a coffee and something to eat.
The atmosphere is good, in many cafés and bars around Mexico the music is to loud, at The Coffee Bar people at the same table can speak to each other with normal conversation tone.
The staff is friendly and helpful, smile and laughter all around. If they have the ingredients they have no problem going outside the menu.
First time we were here, a Saturday at 10 pm, one could think there would be mostly guests in the mid 30’s and up. Much to my surprise it is a good mix with the majority just over the 20’s.
For testing the coffee I had an espresso to taste the bean without complains. An order of Café Latte gave me something more resembling a Cappuccino, very common all around Mexico – There should not be foam in a Latte – but it tasted good and the milk had the right temperature.
Espresso Cortado wasn’t on the menu, when trying to explain a language problem gave me a double espresso with milk on the side, beside from that misshapen the amount of milk was in right proportion and with very little foam.
For eating they offer bagels and sandwiches. My first time there I had a bagel, very good. Most likely store bought, but they treat it good. The big surprise was the sandwich, served with potato chips, even here they chose a bread with more color.

For my testing the young man working daytime did not know what a Club Sandwich is, it’s not on the menu, I finally ordered a tuna. But my girlfriend got a Club Sandwich at our first visit so it’s more of a personal issue than a café problem.

This is on my top 2 list of cafés in Mexico, first or second place depends on mood and need.

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