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“I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.”

Just to sum up the cafés and coffees in my 2 weeks in Mexico, the best, the worst and the plain strange.

Best coffee you find at Café con Leche in Toluca centro.

Café con Leche

5 de Febrero #111
Toluca de Lerdo Centro



Close to the Cathedral, city hall and los Portales, within walking distance from Cosmovitral it is easy to drop by for a cup. Great location and the café is not bad, but it would do well from a make over.
Serving coffee in traditional Veracruz way, very strong coffee with a plenty of warm milk with the high pour it is not only served with class, it also taste terrific. I just wish the staff would smile occasionally to make me feel more welcomed.

The worst excuse for coffee I have ever experienced.

If you are looking for a cosy café, good service and a really great coffee stay away from Punta del Cielo!


Punta del Cielo is a chain and this post only concern the location on Calle Leona Vicario in Metepec, other locations are visited at your own risk.

From the outside this place looks like a sufficient modern café.
Walking through the big glass doors it turned out to be something else. In a corner they have a big speaker playing music in to high volume, effectively closing off half the café for normal conversation with people sitting right next to you.
The Caffe Latte come with plenty of foam, but that is common in Mexico so I don’t hold them against them.
What I will hold against them is the service. Sitting three at the table, ordering two Caffe Latte and one Frappe they served us one by one.
Why? You should try to serve the whole table at once. You wouldn’t have to go back and forth so many time and you greatly enhance the chance for a good tip.
The Espresso Cortado was interesting. Served it in a little cup shaped as a shot glass, unique and fun. That was also the only positive thing. Right away I saw it was way to much foam to be called a Cortado. Fortunately I got a little stick with the cup to search for the coffee, unfortunately I didn’t find it. After slurping all the foam I found a little espresso in the bottom, less than a mouthful, a coffee-milk ratio of about 1:9.
My friends complained in my behalf and the waiter went for another try. The new liquid came with 9 parts coffee, topped-off with 1 part foam, still not a Cortado, and a request to complain before I drink it. Of course he had a point, I should have complained immediately when I didn’t find the coffee, I was just to interested to see what they served. Although I would prefer no need to complain at all.

Ending with the strange.

Going up and down Estado de Mexico for two weeks I visited a few small villages. Quite a few of them don’t have a single café, what is that about? Mexico is a coffee producing country, you really should be able to find a good coffee in every village no matter how small. And with good I don’t mean the coffee machine at OXXO.

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