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I will soon take you to adventure in Tabasco, but first there is one more café I want to present.

Calle 7 Sur 4503
Puebla, Puebla
Web: Fikafé
facebook: Fikafemx

A little unfair I came here with great expectations.
A café with the Swedish-sounding name Fikafé (Fika – have a coffee, kafé – café), should be serving a good coffee. And Fe, being Spanish for faith, I did have some belief.

It really is a nice café, couches and comfortable armchairs all around. The interior is neutral in a darker color scheme with some nice details here and there. When sitting around a table it feels like visiting a friends living room.


Photo: Dan Freed

They do put pride in their service, even before you enter the café you are greeted by a doorman holding the door for you.
And he also walks you to the car with an umbrella if it is raining.


Photo: Dan Freed

Still, Fikafé left me without deeper affection. I have had this post on my desktop for a few weeks trying to reminisce the experience, but it feels vapid.
Maybe because the coffee taste like everywhere else in Mexico, actually I have had much better, maybe because a closer look at the beans reveals a second grade quality.

Or maybe I just had my expectations to high.

If my path ever take me to Puebla again I will have another visit and make time for a meeting with the owners. For nothing else hear the history behind the name.

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