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A couple of kilometers outside the village of Teapa we find Grutas del Cocona.
A large cave system containing 8 large rooms connected with 500 meters, mostly walkable, underground path. A nice daytrip and an escape from the oppressive heat in Tabasco.
My visit at the caves was not only a cool day away from the sun it also became a small adventure. Usually the caves are lightened up, this day it was a power outage.


Photo: Dan freed

A trifle like complete darkness was not going to stop our guide, equipped with a small flash light he led our company, including a stray dog, down under ground.
Just a few meters in it was too dark for photography. I made a few attempts, but I didn’t have a lot of time, keeping one eye on our guide and the small led-light leading the way – I did not want to be left behind.


Photo: Dan Freed

This feels like a hostile environment, but there is life here. Of course the usual bats flying around when we disturb the peace, more interesting are fishes.
Far in to the cavern is an underground lake with blind fishes. Being pitch-black I couldn’t see further than my hand in front of me, but I did hear a fish splash and judging from the sound they are big.
The lake is filled by an underground stream and water dripping from the ceiling and flowing down the walls. When the light is on you are supposed to see small waterfalls.


Photo: Dan Freed

What about the stray dog coming with us? She scared the hell out of me, time and time again. In the darkness she sneaked up without a sound and sniffed a hand or walked in front of me making me trip.

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