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Swedish Parental allowance
  • 480 days
  • 390 days with 80% of income
  • 90 days minimum allowance SEK 180
  • 60 days designated to each parent

Finally I am making use of my tax money – I am staying home with Maya for 4 months on the states expense.
Actually, I started with one month of vacation, in total I am home for 5 months. But it is the 4 months of paternity leave that is interesting, ”Only in Sweden” as a non-Swedish friend expressed it.

”Only in Sweden”

A quick search on Google revealed this is not really true, but we do have quite a good social welfare in Sweden, especially when it comes to children.
480 days of parental leave, the state pay 80 percent of your salary.
If you are lucky (clever?) and have an employer with good collective agreement you may also have a parental salary which may pay up to the last 20 percent of your salary for 180 days. Meaning you can stay home for 6 month without a drastic loss of money.

Due to a very bureaucratic way of calculate and different tax tables it is not quite 100% net. I will not take you through the numbers, it took me a few days to decipher what I will take home during these months.

So what will I do with my 4 months at home.

When I sat at the office and thought about my upcoming leave I had big plans. I was going to start a new photo project, I was going to code a little, maybe build an app or do something with my slumbering and I was going to write, my blog haven’t been updated much the last year.
All parents reading this are most likely smiling about now.

Who knew children demanded this much time

paternity-leaveI have a new found respect for Miss Z doing this alone whole days while I have been working.
At 6 months Maya is still very much moms girl when it comes to eating, sleeping and comforting but that does not mean I can just geek away.
Everything happens so fast at this age, you see progress every day. And the days pass so fast.
While writing this I hear Maya laugh. She was supposed to have a nap so I went in to her room and saw mom and daughter playing in the bed. I laid down and played a little when Maya gripped my hand and stood up for the first time.
These small things are huge when it is your own children and I don’t want to miss them. Besides playing there is plenty to do at home since Miss Z is primarily on Maya duty. Cleaning, cooking etc. and child proofing the apartment. I have been crawling around on all 4 to see all potential dangers, fasten skirting boards, filled small holes and general repairs.


But we do have plans – We are going to Mexico for 2-3 months. Just waiting for some paper work to clear and we will be on our way. I am not sure when we will leave, but we will definitely spend Christmas and New year in the tropics.
Miss Z is a little homesick and miss her friends, we haven’t been back in over a year. And her family of course want to see and feel Maya in the flesh.
Me – I just miss Mexico, the weather, the people, the feeling. I am excited, and nervous, for the adventure of flying and travel with an infant.

We have a nice trip planned, starting in Toluca, Estado de Mexico, going east to Puebla then Tabasco and the small town of Teapa for Christmas, all places I have seen and written about earlier, but the last stop is new to me – Yucatan, visiting friends in Merida.
While in Yucatan we will also make some wedding plans for next year.

Right, if you have missed it I proposed a couple of months ago;

This is all good intends although traveling with Maya and still not know exactly when we can leave things might change. There is so much more responsibilities compared to my solo traveling when I could sleep on a beach if needed or I just felt like it.
I do expect to get some work done and have a few different ideas of photo projects during this trip, what I go for all depends on whats is happening. I will keep you updated.

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