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I was not going to write about it, not even touch the subject. I know and have heard about the dirty games behind the Mexican election and vote raising, but not being part of it I thought I would leave it to those with power of do something.
Than I got a report. From a small anonymous village in the south of Mexico I got a message, the fraudulent and criminal actions was much worse than I initially thought. This is the poor Mexico, the lower class, people have little or no education and they are not aware of their rights as citizens.

From inside the electoral system I was told;

During the campaign parties walk door to door to inform the citizens to vote, nothing wrong with that, very good actually, but PRI bought voting credentials for 1000-2000 pesos, a small fortune for a poor family.
They also gave cement for those who needed and ‘depensas’, bags with groceries and vouchers, to the poor then threaten them with no more government help if they don’t vote for PRI.

On election day the village’s known trouble maker was shooting rounds after rounds in the air. Hired goons were bussed in from Central America to run amok. Up and down the street with masked faces carrying machetes and sticks they threaten and scared people to vote for the correct party. The supporters for PRD, the left party and biggest competition, were more exposed than others with vandalized cars and physical abuse.

Voters were payed 200 pesos if they could show a photo of their vote for PRI and Taxi drivers were payed 2000 to 3000 pesos for driving people to the poll station and, of course, convince the passengers to place to vote on the right party.

In the end of the day there was an attempt to steal the ballot box, luckily unsuccessful.

PRD’s Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, or AMLO for short, demands a recount. Unfortunately I don’t think it will help. What is needed is a declared mis-vote and a new election.
There where close to 700 international observers but what does that help with 110 million citizens and thousands of polling stations?

In a Democracy, The People Get The Government They Deserve
With the news around the world saying “The perfect dictatorship is back” maybe this time the people did not get what they deserve.

I have no trouble with PRI winning an election, but it should be fair and reflect the peoples wishes not their fears.
PRI are back in power after 12 years. Where is the parties, the fiestas? PRI’s supporters should be running the street celebrating, but it is quite.
Could it be they know things were not done right and they prefer not being seen?

We can’t change the individual, all we can do is change the system

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