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On a trip to the state of Hidalgo we stumbled upon the small village of Huasca.
OK, Huasca, or Huasca de Ocampo, is not a village you stumble upon. Located in a valley in the mountain range Sierra de Pachuca you first have to go up mountains reaching nearly 3000 meters (9840 feet) and then down again. But we were in the area and in search for a hotel we found Huasca.
We also found a time machine


Photo: Dan Freed

Going to this old mining town we were sent 100 years back in time. Houses, streets and the town square all looked like it did in the beginning of the last century.
To make the experience complete we had dinner at 1910, a restaurant disguised as an old traditional cantina.


Photo: Dan Freed

Serving steaks, floor covered with hay and walls covered with photographs from the revolution the owner did his best to bring us back to another time.

With the drought in the area and the hay covered floor I was a little worried with open flames, but smoking was no problem. Still not convinced it was a good idea I was standing by the door smoking, of course I hit a chair and dropped my cigarette…All laughters and no fire (what I am aware of).


Photo: Dan Freed

We found a nice hotel in the middle of the village with reasonable prices, actually everything around here comes with a good price, probably because this is mainly a weekend get-away for Mexicans, very few foreigners find their way here.


Photo: Dan Freed


Photo: Dan Freed

Some of us made new friends


Photo: Dan Freed

Next time we are going to see the Prismas Basálticos Columnas

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