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I am finally back online. With time flying by, life changes and plans are renewed my old blog was not up-to-date and somewhat limited in content.
Now with a strong comeback and a brand new web presence with an improved and updated photogallery,, I am ready to meet new challenges, present my work and write of my adventures when travel and in life. I suspect there will be some stories about my new upcoming challenge – Fatherhood.

This site has taken way too long to build. There are plenty of reasons, or excuses. My day job has taken a lot of energy the last months – scratch that – the last year. Effectively killing all creativity and sometimes my will to live. But also other things, like you can’t – apparently – geek out nights and whole weekends when you are living full time with your woman, especially when that woman is carrying your child. Some socialization is not only appreciated but also expected.

In the end, when all is done I am happy with the final result. With time passing by I ended up using NextGEN pro, NextGEN Gallery, photo galleries, of course with some small tweaks to fit my taste, this saved me a lot of time and it is very easy to use as-is. It did however give me some headache when trying to adjust it. It is easier to build something new than rebuilding something someone else has done. Logic is a scary thing, people in general seems to believe there is only one logical solution but what is logic to us is based on our own experiences and knowledge, hence the logical solution can be very different.
Luckily I am always up for a challenges and really enjoy solving problems.

While working with the photos it was a surprise to see how much my photography as developed in just a few years and how critical I have become on my own shots. From shooting more or less regular tourist photos you see a growth to more thought through and planned shots. I did have problems finding photos holding my own standard today. At the moment I have an unreal amount of albums on the site and these will be cut down drastically with time.

The theme for this blog I build from scratch, I was going for a very clean design with small personal twists so almost everything is custom. Nothing for a blog-virgin.
To keep up with evolution I was also going mobile friendly. The main site and photoblog works quite good on smaller screens, the blog not so much. I will rebuild or adjust that with time, but for now that will have wait. I have to earn back my online reputation and value.

It will be good to read you all again, I hope you have some interesting news for me. Travel, tech, photography, funny stories, sad stories, just send it all my way.

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