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I don’t think there is much arguing that there is a lot of problems in the world.
We have wars, corruptions, a climate crisis, a monetary system that is failing all over the world, both USA and EU takes punch after punch waiting for the final knock.
It is clear we need changes and new thinking.
I am convinced I will see a lot of big changes in my lifetime, but the changes will not come from our generation. The shift to a more sustainable world will be brought on by our children.
In a world becoming smaller and the information flowing faster they will not just sit silent. Thanks to evolution every new generation are born more intelligent than the former I can promise you they will stand up and show their parents they can do what we couldn’t.

Never the less. We can’t sit back and let our children clean up our mess, we have to give them the best possible chances to succeed.
As adults we learned that people are different, but still we force our children to be the same, do the same, think the same. They must all fit in the same square hole even if they are triangles, hexagons or round.
We need an educational change, maybe even and educational revolution.

I first read about the Flipped classroom over breakfast one morning, thought it was a great idea. A couple of days later – Just by coincidence – This video with Salman Kahn speaking at TED2011 showed up in my twitter feed.

Once you see a TED talk it is so easy to get hooked and keep surfing around, listen to engaged people and brilliant minds. John Hardy’s Green school is a great example of a new way of teaching.

Sir Ken Robinson is a recurrent guest on TED Talks and an engaging speaker. This is just one of many speech on how, and why, we need to change our school system.

But we adult should not tell the children how to evolve, listen to Adora Svitak why we should listen more to the children.

The changes will come, but good ideas don’t come like a light bulb – In a eurkea! moment – Not even over night, good ideas are something nibbling in the back of your mind for weeks and years.
Steven Johnson tells us how Sputnik helps you find a good coffee

As a worn out cliché the children are our future, let’s give them the best possible condition to do wonders.

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