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The last couple of month has been very busy and post updates has been limited, at best.

A few weeks ago I took a break from a busy schedule going on a long weekend in Lisbon with miss Z.
This is a beautiful city with interesting architecture strongly influenced by the moors, but at this trip the resignation was the most notable. Portugal is under pressure of the Euro crisis and it becomes very clear as a visitor.
I have tried to write this post in many different ways, but to much time has past and the feelings and impressions I had walking the empty streets are gone, so I will leave it to the walls to tell the story.


Photo: Dan Freed


We could live here Photo: Dan Freed

“We could live here” This I saw on abandoned buildings all around the city.


Photo: Dan Freed


Photo: Dan Freed

“Don’t wait for it to fall from the sky”

The only one still trying to make a living was immigrants from the former colonies.

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