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The Latin American countries have plenty of fiestas and parades but somehow I always seems to miss them, when I occasionally run it one I don’t have my camera by one or another reason.

Paseo de Los Locos, walk of the crazy, in Metepec is in no way the biggest around, but it goes on all day and as the name imply – It is quite crazy.


Photo: Dan Freed

It is supposed to be a fiesta in honor of San Isidro Labrador to insure a good crop and it starts out good with the participants dressed in traditional Mexican clothes, children and dancing down the streets but the longer the days go something is happening and you see men dressed as women having a little too much to drink. Offending to… well, everybody. I have tried to get a good explanation for this without luck.


Photo: Dan Freed

Maybe this is the one day of the year the, usually, macho Mexicans can let loose and be themselves.

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