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Lusso Café
1ero de mayo No. 614
Colonia Santa Clara
Toluca, Est. de México

Those who know me and you readers following me knows I am a coffee lover, some might even say addict. I believe it comes with my Nordic genes.
Although I prefer a little darker coffee than what is usually served on this side of the Atlantic I do appreciate a nice café. Having a coffee is not only drinking a beverage, it is an experience.

Another nice coffee place I would like to present is Lusso Café.
Not far from Toluca centro it lives a strange hidden existence, this is not a café you find just by chance. Still, Lusso Café is frequently visited, the regular guests are plenty and they enjoy surprising new friends with this hidden pearl.

Lusso Cafés planning and interior are, in lack of other words, close to genius. An unclouded dining room style area for families or maybe business meetings, another a little more playful room for friends to gather and with tables on the terrace towards the inner yard for dates and more intimate conversations they thought of it all when decorating.


Photo: Dan Freed

The statement is clear – Everybody is welcome at Lusso – And it looks like everybody is here, I don’t see many empty tables.

And what about the ultimate question – How is the coffee?
The Espresso had a nice flavor, but a little weak so I asked for a closer look. The beans are nice, dark, even roasted and of top quality.
Mexico have among the best coffee beans in the world, something just go wrong at preparation to liquid (according to my Swedish taste).

The main test – The Café latte – was just that, wrong. Wrong in flavor, wrong with too much foam and definitely served wrong. In this area they do have room for improvement.


Photo: Dan Freed

This is not a Cafe latte!

If you not are a coffee geek like me, this is a very nice place and I recommend a visit. Lusso Café has a soothing ambiance and a staff eager to attend to your wishes.
To say it with their own words;

“…a café where you are known by name, know your favorite table and your favorite drink.”

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