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One of my most disturbing childhood memories are the oatmeal porridge, some brownish grayish tasteless muck with glue like consistency.
Today we had the opportunity to have it for breakfast, needless to say I passed, but I did get Miss Z to have a bowl. She wasn’t totally against it, but there were something missing.

I remember by friend Jonky, food-blogger, having an ongoing project, “Make disgusting food good”, gåshud (Swedish) and I came up with the idea of Mexicanize this childhood pain. As an added bonus I know Jonky love oatmeal porridge – even have it for dinner sometimes.

Challenge accepted! Off to the supermarket to buy some ingredients.

We start with a ordinary bowl of oatmeal porridge and milk;


Photo: Dan Freed

Now this really doesn’t look appetizing, so we ad some apple;


Photo: Dan Freed

Just a little color and it looks much more eatable, lets put in some pear;


Photo: Dan Freed

See, now we are getting somewhere, but we are nowhere near something Mexican. My secret ingredients;


Photo: Dan Freed

I included this photo just to show the mini pineapple I found. For comparison next to a normal size mango.
Chopped up and into my bowl;

Oatmeal apple pear mango pineapple porridge

Photo: Dan Freed

And for the last touch we pour “a little” honey over it;

Oatmeal apple pear mango pineapple honey porridge

Photo: Dan Freed

Now this is something I could have for breakfast!

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