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End of a year and a new beginning. For me personally it is very new beginning. I have an epic year in front of me.
I’m turning 40 in a couple of month and just a few months later I am becoming a dad!

It is also the end of this blog. When I started this a few years ago my long-term plan was a little different than it is today and this blog has played out its purpose.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans!

I am building a new blog where I will continue tell stories from my travels and Mexico, world, tech, photography and most likely about my new fatherhood.

Talking about Mexico, miss Z has been living with me full time for a year now and I think it is time for an evaluation.

Of course there has been some changes, overall for the better.
Most things has happened in the kitchen. My refrigerator is more well filled than ever, even vegetables despite it is not that common in kitchens in Mexico. I eat healthier, well there is a lot of Mexican cuisine – so plenty of cheese – but still better than I used to eat. I think I have lost some weight, but I haven’t weigh myself for 10 years so I don’t really know.
Tacos, Enchiladas, Quesadillas served with frijoles, corn and rice – I am spoiled with food these days. Could be a compensation for living in Sweden – There has been discussions.

There is one thing going on in my kitchen I really have problem grasping and understanding – halves. Everything is saved.
As a single man, I guess as most single men, I used everything or threw it away. Maybe I had to eat pasta bolognese for a week, but it was easier to use all of the minced meat than to divided and freeze.
Now suddenly I have a refrigerator full of left overs and halves. The little left overs I used to throw becomes quesadillas Saturday morning so it comes to good use, but the halves leave me confused.

Some things I can kind of understand, half an onion wrapped up in some plastic foil for a few days, half a paprika will maybe make it a couple of days.
Then the less successful keepings, like half a tomato. One half tomato? When a tomato is cut in halves it has a remaining life time of 4 hours and that is a generous estimation.
Other things just makes me wonder. I have found half a wedge of garlic. Half a wedge! What is cooking when a whole garlic wedge is too much? Another strange thing is sliced ham – of course a half. What is a half slice of ham used for?

I guess my own little part of Mexico (my other half – miss Z’s word) is a glass half full kind of girl.

This is my last post on, but I will update you with my new blog as soon as it is live.

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