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Back in Sweden after a real adventure in Mexico.
This time I walked off the beaten path, way off. I have ridden a mule, I crossed a river on a wire and been compared with Indiana Jones. I have seen species I never seen before, animals and fruits in all sizes and colors. Insects big as birds and hummingbirds small as insects.
This has been a trip for all senses.

As an amateur photographer it is always a question on what equipment to bring when going on vacation and not knowing what to expect, you cannot bring everything.
I like street photography so I choose wider lenses Sigma 17-70mm and a 50mm prime – Boy was I wrong.
I did manage to get some nice photos anyway and we will look closer on them later, but lets start with the essential; food.

I low Mexican food, there is something fascinating with a country that build a whole culture around finger food, Tacos, Quesadillas, Chilaquiles…

Street food
Rule number one when eating street food; don’t ask what you actually are served.

I have had this dish a couple of times in Mexico, Taco Barbacoa. The locals insist to tell me it is lamb, but it taste like tuna and sometimes it even look like tuna. I like it, but I am not convinced it is lamb, or any other animal walking on hooves.


Photo: Dan Freed

We went to the local market and had a few of these tacos, well in on my third meat loaded tortilla I looked around the tables and saw all salsas was served in, somewhat, disturbing cans;

pork brain

Photo: dan Freed

Back to rule number one – Don’t ask what you are eating. It taste good so I don’t need to know and I tried to ignore some not so nice mental images, but a question stayed in the back of my head;

What happened with the brains?

Meat land
Tabasco – Land of contradictions.
We will look closer on the beautiful state of Tabasco later, but for now we continue with the food. The soil here in the south of Mexico are so fertile everything grows, and it grows everywhere. There is literally bananas and oranges growing in the backyards. Still they all love their meat, not a vegetarian in site.
I am not complaining. I am a carnivore, I love a good steak, but within limits.

At El Antiguo Jacalito in the small town of Teapa I was served the biggest meal I ever had, and this was their small special. Here is the idea;
A plate with platanos, fries, frijoles, quesadillas, sausages and salad – enough to feed two. As the cherry on the top it all was covered by a big steak to complete the meal.
I was turning the plate round and round trying to find out where to start, after a few minutes the waiter came out with an extra plate to help me arrange the dish.

Of course I need something to sink the food with, this is the small size;


Photo: Dan Freed

Diabetes is the number one threat to public health in Mexico, wonder why?

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  1. Ingalill commented

    Hej! Du är en riktigt bra skribent du. Imponerad jag blir. Jättekul att läsa.

    September 24, 2012 at 8:50 pm
    • Dan Freed commented

      Tackar :)

      September 24, 2012 at 8:51 pm

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