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I was close to censor myself from post this. Miss Z told me, which I already know, Mexicans are not very good taking criticism and may be offended. So I nearly trashed it.
Thinking about it I changed my mind, they are fighting for democracy and freedom of speech is big part of it. I would be pretty dumb to self censor, especially in my own blog.
If someone is offended or don’t like what they read you are welcomed to comment.

Thursday I attended a small manifestation at the Mexican embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark, against the corrupted election July 1.
This was really an exercise in patience. In a very serious subjected like this I have never experienced such a bad organized event.
People who knows me know I am not the most organized person and usually just drift around, take things as they come, but this was trying even for me.

When I first arrived I tried to help out, gave tips on what to do and write on the placards but I soon gave up and stayed in the background. And honestly, this is a Mexican problem and I should leave it to Mexicans to do as they wish. It is not right for me to come and tell them what to do.

But where was the planning organization? Was there a plan? Did someone contact media? Many thoughts went through my head the next few hours.
Somewhere I heard, or think I heard, someone saying that the video which was recorded should be spontaneous – Meaning, “say what you want”, we don’t need to discuss and plan our statements. Ayayay….


Photo: Dan Freed


Photo: Dan Freed

They do deserve some credit. There was a meeting with the ambassador and a chance to formally leave a protest against the way the election was carried out.

This was Thursday, I was told that for people who was unable to attend Thursday there was going to be another manifestation Friday. And today, Saturday, it is a big worldwide manifestation. I guess in Copenhagen too.
Wouldn’t it be better to keep this 3 days to one event, Saturday, to get double the people to come?

We can’t change the individual, all we can do is change the system

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