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The Cup & Cake Café
Paseo San Isidro 172
(Plaza El Arenal)
Colonia Barrio del Espirito Santo
Metepec, Edo de Mex
The Cup and Cake Café

Through my travels up and down this beautiful country I have visit some nice cafés like Tierras del Café and cafés with a nice mission like La Procedencia. But there is nice cafés and there is nice coffee. The Cup & Cake Café is one of the latter.
Walking around central Metepec this café came as a surprised. After a shopping spree in the artisan quarters Miss Z and I was looking for a place to sit down and maybe have something to drink. Turning the corner and there is was – like an epiphany. Just off the merchant street, but I had never seen it before.


Photo: Dan Freed

Sharing a small plaza with a hairdresser, florist and a store selling coffee accessories – That may or may not be associated with The Cup & Cake Café – It is not easy to find. This is a place you just have to stumble upon. And if you do you will be richly rewarded.


photo: Dan Freed

I did not have very high expectations on the coffee, awaiting a regular weak Mexican coffee with too much milk, but was I wrong!
The latte served had an almost perfect espresso-milk ratio, and without any special request there were virtually no foam. If I must criticize it was served in a cup, but that I can easily overlook. This is a place that know how quality coffee is supposed to taste.
Being in Mexico of course the coffee was slightly on the weaker scale, using a medium roast bean. But the owner, Juan, had one more surprise, along with the latte I got an extra shot of espresso served in a small pitcher.


Photo: Dan Freed

When asking why Juan answered as the most natural thing, “people have different taste”. My respect for The Cup & Cake café grow. He had no idea I was a Swede preferring my coffee strong, this is just the regular service.

With a name like Cup & Cake of course I had to try a cupcake. Now this was far too sweet for my taste, the cake itself was good, but the cream on top was pure sugar. However this is to be expected in Mexico – Most Mexicans seems to have a sweet tooth.

To rinse down the sugar I order another coffee, trying the cortado. This came with a pitcher of warm milk. Once again for the different tastes, they really do care about the coffee at this place, and even more important they care for their guests to the best possible coffee experience.


Photo: Dan Freed

Finding The Holy Graal

As icing on the cake (pun intended) The Cup & Cake café also sell beans, whole or grinded. I have bought quality Mexican coffee beans before, a good example is this mini-roastery I visited last year. But usually it is a light to medium roast if you not make a special order.
Here came the last surprise The Cup & Cake Café had for me. They have a dark roast Chiapa bean – This, for me, is like finding the holy graal.


Photo: Dan Freed

I had my first new grinded, fresh made cup just the other day and it was exquisite.
Every little sip brought me back to the south with the fertile mountains and ‘cloud forests’.

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