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“A cup of coffee is a wondrous way to associate”

This is the second outstanding café we found just by coincidence. Now positioned on my top 2 in Mexican coffee places.

Located in Metepec in the Toluca metropolitan area, personally I don’t know where Toluca ends and Metepec begins, Tierras del Café seems to be living a somewhat secluded existence. But it is well worth a visit.

Tierras del Café
Paseo San Isidro # 361
Barrio de Sta Cruz

If The Coffee Bar is a place for fantasy and exploring your mind this is the place for meeting your friends and exploring your taste. In a brown scale with a big wall painting of coffee producing countries the whole interior building up an anticipation of a good coffee experience.

If the sitcom Friends were shot in Mexico this would have been Central Perk.
With couches and tables spread out in the location and a large cosy terrace in the front and a smaller one in the back Tierras de Café invites you to stay and enjoy some time with your friends and loved ones.
In a corner they even have a bookshelf with books and magazines if you come alone and want to relax and enjoy your coffee.

Mexican coffee
Mexico is one of the worlds largest producer of ecological coffee
Most plantation go for quality before quantity and they don’t spend to much on advertising. Best known is the Veracruz district but if you ever come across the Oaxaca bean have a taste you, will not regret it.

But this first-class café is more than just coffee, it’s a café with a mission.
Actively trying to promote the Mexican coffee culture they offer coffee tastings and educating the staff in the coffee they serve. This alone is worth a visit since Mexico are much influenced by the US a little lighter coffee.
Being an all-Mexican café of course they serve Mexican coffee. Their selected house coffee is Oaxaca coffee, sometimes referred to as Oaxaca Pluma from the coffee district on the southerns slope of the mountains Pluma Hidalgo.

Tierras del Café not only serve coffee, here you can find and buy coffee from all over the world. Whole beans or ask to have them grained, the staff are happy to tell you about the origin, blend and quality. From Peru via Egypt to Indonesia they can take you on a trip through the countries of coffee.
The also sell cups, stovetop espresso maker and everything you may need to make a good coffee at home.

So what about the service and coffee?
To start with you order and get your coffee at the counter, a little unusual in Mexico where most people expect to be served. I prefer it though, that means no one come and take my plate or cup and discreetly try to show me the door as soon as I swallowed my last mouth. Once again, stay and enjoy time with your friends.
There is nothing to complain about with taste. As earlier mention the Oaxaca bean is splendid and make a nice espresso.
The Café Latte comes with a little foam, less than most other places, still – There should be no foam in a Latte.
The Espresso Cortado was almost perfect, just a thin surface of foam.
I would say the staff is well-trained.

This is a very nice café I highly recommend. The big risk for it’s existence is that Tolucans are very (read extremely) traditional and not that willing to try out a new place.

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