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A week ago, January 22, around 12 000 activist in Guatemala tried set a world record in forming the longest human chain while climbing the volcano Agua.
The climbing of the 3760 meter (12336 feet) extinct volcano was only an attempt for a world record, the real cause for the event was to raise awareness of, and protest against, domestic violence.
According to official numbers over 1000 women have been killed the last two years of which nearly a third is domestic violence. The Guatemalan justice system do very little to prevent it, less than 5% of the crimes end is successful convictions and when they do the penalty rarely fits the crime.

Among the participants in ‘subida por la vida’ was the new president Otto Perez, members of the congress, artists and diplomats.
Among the foreign guest British ambassador Julie Chappell was seen.

Although the dignitaries participating and covered by AFP and Reuters the event has passed by with very little attention.
My first notice about this came from a notice in some small, for me unknown, news organization csmonitor in form of Google alert.
After some searching I found notes from all over the world, New Zealand, Malaysia, India, Iran, Spain, UK, Mexico etc. Mostly in English a little in Spanish, but nothing from Guatemala, which seemed strange.
Not until now when starting to write this post which gave me more keywords to search I found some domestic posts.

An important subject like this should be blasted out! Seen and heard about everywhere!

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Volcan de agua

Volcan de agua Photo: Dan Freed

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