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I used to complain about all the negative news regarding Mexico and the fact you never read about the warm, friendly people you meet everywhere you go.
But today I am happy with what I read.

I read a Swedish chronicle about how bad news are good news and it all made sense.
Suddenly it is so clear, I can’t believe I haven’t thought about it earlier.

It is in the nature of journalism to write about the extraordinary things. Events and situations outside of the norm. The everyday life is no news, we all live it and see it.

Think about it, if the headline today says, “Yesterday was a good day”, wouldn’t that mean all other days are bad days?
Or, “According to trusted sources Sra. Perez invited her neighbor to dinner.”
“Extra! Local authorities confirm Sr. Hernandez helped a lost tourist find his way back to the hotel!”
That would be terrible news.

No, I am glad about the reports I receive from Mexico. It shows that violence is still something out of the norm, it is still news worthy. Reporters, and the people, have not given up, they still think this is an extraordinary situation. This is not the Mexico we want, keep shine a light on wrong doings and the masses will not accept it. There is still time for a change.

Let journalists and reporters keep writing news, point out the errors in the system and the rest of us, bloggers, fellow travelers and adventurers tell the world the good things, how and why we love this beautiful country, our home away from home, our Mexico!

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